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 Restoring Women̕ s Health







At WCHC, we offer comprehensive care to women of all ages. We provide excellent medical and surgical care and have a particular expertise in hormonal management, menopause treatment, and disorders of the reproductive system. We focus on disease prevention and optimizing your health through traditional and integrative medicine. We would love to serve as your primary OB/GYN physician. Below are the gynecologic services we offer:

Annual Wellness/Preventive Care

We believe prevention of disease is the key to good health. Therefore, at your annual wellness exam, we will discuss current recommendations for screening based on your age and medical history.  Cervical and breast cancer screenings such as a pap smear and mammogram will be performed or ordered if appropriate as well as any other medical testing deemed necessary.


Adolescent Care

We offer care for young women and teens too. Empowering these individuals to participate in their health care is important. We support and encourage this through education as well as compassion during this important time in their lives.


Contraception/Family Planning/Infertility

Whether you are trying to have a child or need birth control, we have many options available to you. We offer the latest contraceptive methods and can perform them in our office at your convenience. We can also assist you in achieving pregnancy with our expertise in infertility and hormone testing.


STD Screening & Treatment

If you are sexually active, staying healthy is important. You can stay healthy by having regular std testing performed in our office and get the necessary treatment you need if indicated.


Abnormal Menses Treatment

Abnormal menses can occur at any age. There may be many reasons why it has happened. We believe a full evaluation regarding the cause is important. This may include a hormonal evaluation since hormonal changes can occur at any age as well as lab work and a physical exam.


Endometriosis & Pelvic Pain

Our office specializes in endometriosis and pelvic pain management. We offer you a variety of treatment options after you have been thoroughly evaluated by our providers. A treatment plan will be outlined for you and ranges from conservative therapy to surgical therapy depending on the cause of your pain.



Menopause can be a difficult time in a woman’s life. We are experts in treating menopause and offer a full range of treatment options including comprehensive hormone testing and bioidentical hormone therapy. We offer  effective nonhormonal therapies as well.


Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

We offer complete bioidentical hormone restoration and use blood or saliva testing to aid in the diagnosis or treatment modification. Each treatment is individualized and customized to meet the needs of every patient.


Female Sexual Issues

Female sexual issues can become a problem for a woman at any time in her life and our health care providers are trained to perform a comprehensive evaluation and treat each individual condition.



Premenstrual Syndrome is a challenging issue many women face. We offer traditional methods to treat PMS as well as newer methods like hormone testing to restore your body back to normal.


Vitamin & Supplement Therapy

Having a provider that is well educated in vitamin and supplements is very important since many people use them every day. We have the training and are experts in this area.  We can be a great resource to give you the advice you need whether you are looking for treatment of a specific medical condition or just a good daily vitamin.


Medical Weight Loss

Many people want to lose weight. We can help you achieve your goals the right way. With expert medical advice, we believe losing weight can be done in a healthy way and the weight kept off. This will include a comprehensive medical evaluation with lab work as well as a physical exam to determine the best method for you to lose weight. Let us help you achieve your goals in a safe, healthy way today.


Stress & Fatigue Treatment

In our busy lives, stress and fatigue affect most people. If you have this issue, we can offer you solutions with a complete medical workup to determine the cause and fix the problem. Don’t let this issue continue to hold you down from getting the most out of your life. Call us today for an appointment.